Singing lessons


Your voice is an instrument…

Singing lessons at Beatbox will help you develop your voice to its full potential.  We have a dedicated teaching space, and cover all styles and teach all ages and abilities, from the complete beginner to the experienced singer.  Lessons are flexible, and are tailored to help you achieve your own personal singing goals.

If you want to learn to sing, we will aim to give you give you the confidence and ability to sing in a group, in front of an audience.  Or if you just want to get better at singing in the shower that’s fine too…

Vocal coaching is not just the preserve of lead singers, we can also provide tuition to back up singers and other band members to improve their backing vocals, harmonising and timing.  We can also teach vocal groups and singers that regularly sing together.

“Singing is simply one of the most direct forms
of communication and self-expression that you can do…”

Singing Technique

Good technique is vitally important to developing a great voice.  It enables you to extend your vocal range, sing with more consistency, sing for longer without getting tired and avoid problems like sore throats, typically caused by putting unnecessary strain on your voice.  We will teach you how to use and develop your natural gifts to their fullest potential.

Learn how to express yourself…

Singing is simply one of the most direct forms of communication and self-expression that you can do.  There’s no musical instrument to get in the way; it comes straight from you.  Lessons at Beatbox cover interpretation, expression, diction and pronunciation in singing and also the approaches taken to different musical styles and genres.

A relaxed and informal atmosphere

Vocal lessons at Beatbox are relaxed and informal, so there’s no need to feel nervous.  We’ll incorporate a vocal warm up, song work and provide the opportunity to sing along to pre-recorded accompaniments.  You’ll learn to enjoy and improve your singing, and further your understanding of all aspects of voice production, musicality and performance.