Music theory lessons


Unlock your creativity…

At Beatbox we think the ability to understand music goes hand in hand with learning an instrument. We’re big on learning to read music, and encourage our students to develop an appreciation for the mechanics and structure of music too.

We feel that knowing the theory and the technicalities of music can help to unlock creativity and also gives you the ability to clearly communicate and articulate your ideas to those you play music with – in particular to band mates!

“When you play music you discover
a part of yourself that you never knew existed.”

Bill Evans

Turning dreams into music

An appreciation for musical theory is often so important to the successful progression of a band from garage to pub to playing gigs… likewise from one that just plays covers to a band that plays and records original material.

You will learn how to compose and write your own songs, and how to transfer music from your imagination into music that you and your band mates can play together.

Lessons cover all aspects of music theory including:

  • Reading and writing music notation
  • Rhythms, note values and time signatures
  • Scales, chords and key signatures
  • Transcribing for your instrument and other instruments
  • Transposition
  • Music terminology

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