About us


“Music is what feelings sound like”

Beatbox Studio was founded on the notion that learning to play music should be fun. We teach music because we love teaching music… this isn’t a job to us, it’s a passion. We want to pass on our knowledge and inspire creativity.

It’s fine to be “bedroom musician”, however, we also want you to become the best musician you can possibly be. Our goal is to give our pupils the confidence and the technical ability to join bands, compose music and play in front of people.

“The three things that make a good musician are practice, practice and practice. Oh, and perseverance…”

We want to teach you how to play, not how to pass exams.

Music lessons at Beatbox Studio are relaxed but informative. We don’t believe in just studying an instrument to pass grades, but we do believe in playing to the best of your ability.

We tend to avoid teaching from the grade books as it can be limiting to the progress and musical development of the pupil. Teaching music in this way actually puts more emphasis on the tutor as we can’t simply “teach by numbers”, but makes it more beneficial to the student and, we find, more rewarding for the teacher.

That said, we’re not “anti-grading”!   We do encourage a number of pupils to follow the exam route as they may be more naturally suited to a structured process and benefit from the confidence boost that achieving grades gives.

We’re jamming…

A key benefit of the unique Beatbox set up is that is gives us the ability to be flexible and responsive in lessons. We’ll sometimes change direction half way through a lesson, which, rather than causing confusion, makes lessons more engaging and interactive. We’ll often encourage musicians studying different instruments to play together and jam. This really adds an extra dimension to music lessons at Beatbox that you won’t get elsewhere and usually leave the students buzzing with excitement.

You can learn at your own pace, there’s no rush or timetable. You should never feel frustrated if you’re making slow progress. We take the philosophy that no matter how fast or slow your progress, you’re always progressing faster than the person watching TV.

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