About Beatbox Studio


Beatbox Studio is a well-equipped and versatile music and recording studio based near Kilsby, between Rugby and Daventry and on the borders between Northampton and Warwickshire.

Set in a beautiful old stable block dating back to 1856, on the side of a picturesque canal, Beatbox Studio provides a relaxed, comfortable and fun environment for people to visit, hang out and escape from the real world for a bit. There’s plenty of parking too…


The chill out lounge…

Hugely popular with parents and students alike is the chill out lounge, complete with comfortable sofas… a great place to hang out while the kids take their lessons, or to wait for your instructor to finish up the lesson before yours.

Many music tutors teach from their own home, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but many of our students and parents have commented on how more comfortable they feel that they’re not encroaching on someone’s house. There’s no need to feel awkward if you turn up early, no more waiting in the car… just chill out, make a cup of tea or coffee, make use of our free Wi-Fi, or enjoy meeting and getting to know like-minded people.

Band Practice

The Beatbox Studio is available to students for both practice and band rehearsals, with use of the PA system, drum kit and guitar or bass amps included in the price (subject to availability).


The Beatbox Studio is also available, by arrangement, for recording purposes, although being in close proximity to a road makes it more suited to demo work rather than commercial quality recordings. That said, the rather fabulous L Sol Tace album, Carcass of Eternity (featuring our very own James Murphy) was recorded here!

To find out more please call us on 01788 547115 or email hello@beatboxstudio.co.uk