Beatbox Music Tuition is a collection of like-minded tutors working under the same roof to provide the very highest standards of music tuition.

No matter how old you are, what music you like and what you feel about your natural level of musical
ability, you are welcome at Beatbox Music Tuition.

Everybody has their own personal reasons for wanting to learn music, and we’re no different, which is why we tailor our approach to suit every student, encouraging them to be the very best they can.
We have a shared passion for music and inspiring creativity. We aim to open minds and broaden horizons. The joy our students experience as they make progress on their musical journey is a joy that we feel too. It’s why we do it.


“It’s an incredible feeling when you hear a student play something you didn’t teach them… something that came from their own
imagination and creativity, and I just gave them the means to get it out”

Joe Cox, Beatbox Studio